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METCON Raptor Rack! 

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METCON Raptor RackOne set of METCON Colored Training Plates (kg) (a pair of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg)

METCON Olympic weightlifting barbell

METCON Raptor Rack


TOTAL SIZE: 1868mm*1695mm*2311mm(Including seated rowing adjustable pedals and high pull-down adjustable cushions)


SQM: 1.8

Counterweight: LEFT-94.5kg RIGHT-94.5kg (4.5kg/per silce)

High-pull distance: 1266mm

High-pull proportion power/Counterweigh): 1/4

High-pull Maximum adjustment height: 2116mm

low-pull distance: 1266mm

high-pull proportion: 1/2

high-pull adjustable distance: 1600mm

Pull-up bar height: 2218mm

Upright Square tube gauge: 75*75

Hole spacing: 17mm

Hole diameter: 17mm

Plates storage bar: 6

Sandwich J-cup: 1 pair

Pulley Type: Aluminum

Bolt diameter: 16mm

Seated rowing adjustable pedals: 1

Aluminum knurled handle: 1

Multi-adjustable handle: 1

Band bar: 4

Barbell storage: 2

High pull-down adjustable cushions: 1

Beam storage: 1

Battle rope hook: 1

Training handle five-piece set:handle/narrow handle/adjustable handle/bird handle, Rope grip/Wide grip/narrow grip/Chest Crossover-Rotatable/High row


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