METCON Antelope Rack+ with Deadlift platform

METCON Antelope Rack+ with Deadlift platform

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We all need a rack that can stack up with our workouts. The Metcon Antelope Rack-A may be the best fit for your gym/home-gym. It’s because the overall structure can support a variety of weights and even includes a pull-up bar. Body and weight training has been all the trend throughout the health and wellness industry.


  • H:2350mm
  • pull-up bar H:2400mm
  • L:1450mm
  • W:1100mm(internal)
  • tube steel-gauge 75mm
  • J-cup(sandwich) * 1 pair
  • plate storage channel(25cm) * 4 pairs
  • barbell hanger * 2 pack
  • multi-storage hanger board * 1 pack
  • band peg * 2pair
  • deadlift platform * 1


  • Trolley lever arm kit
  • Dip bar
  • Safety spotter arms

*accessories are sold separately*

2.6m*2.3m*2.3m (including plate storage channel)
pull up width 1.1m